About me

The decision of in whose hands to put the organization and desing of your wedding is one of the most difficult. Why? Because I am the one who will be by your side in the coming months, guiding you, listening to you, managing everything necessary so that you just have to enjoy and decide what you want. 

My name is Cecilia Casals, argentine of birth and galician by adopcion.


I am a mom of a wonderful daughter , MIKAELA, who is already 11 years old; I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a friend, a very good friend.

I’ve been with Clouds Eventos for more than 7 years helping couples from all over the world to organize the wedding they want in Galicia and the Balearic Islands. I am also a mentor and, with Clouds Academy, I help professionals in this sector to create and promote their brand and their company through marketing, sales and personal development tools. 

If you are one of those who are interested in my experience, I’ll tell you: 

I have a degree in Business Administration, with an MBA and several postgraduate courses in Marketing and Event Management. My career as Marketing Director of Multinationals in the animal sector has given me the experience, knowledge and security necessary to manage and organize all types of events successfully, leading teams and with empathy and great ability to deal with suppliers.

If you are one of those who really care about who I am ...


Seven years ago, a health problem was the turning point to make a total change in my life. At that time, I founded my company Clouds Events and started living of what I love: HELPING PEOPLE TO FULFILL THEIR DREAMS.  

 I like to take care of myself at a holistic level, my diet is based on Ayurvedic medicine, but I have to tell you that chocolate loses me. 

I am a meditation teacher and I dedicate a large part of my life to personal development. This is what has given me the necessary balance to manage my life and my businesses with peace of mind and motivation.

I have a dog called Lua, a great Dane who accompanies me every morning to walk on the beach. 

The sunsets give me life and fill me with energy.
I love to sing, although I only do it in front of my daughter and close friends. Someday you may see me in Formentera with a guitar singing for many people 😉

Take a virtual coffee with me totally free to know us, tell me your ideas and needs.


The DNA of my method as Wedding Planner:

  • I believe in transparency and honesty: In my personal and professional life. I think it is the base for any long-term relationship. And these are the relationships that interest me.
  • Obsession for my clients: The success of your wedding is my success. I am here to help you, guide you and advise you in EVERYTHING you need.
  • Relationship with suppliers: Working with the best team is what makes your Wedding a success. Surround myself with the best and help them in whatever they need. If anything I can feel proud of is that today all the suppliers in the sector recommend me and want to work with me. A wedding is like a puzzle, and the choice of each of the pieces is essential for everything to fit.
  • Simplify: My method of working with you is simple, to save you headaches and make you see that the organization of your wedding can be a wonderful process that we will share together.
  • Affection, patience, empathy: I understand you, of course, I’ve been where you are now and I know you need support and containment apart from someone who organizes the wedding. I am here to listen to you, reassure you and guide you.
  • Take care of your pocket: YES, of course, I’m not here for you to spend a fortune on a decoration budget without any sense. I assure you the wedding of your dreams, but adjusting and controlling your budget and amortizing every € invested in your wedding. How? Contact me and I’ll tell you everything.

Of course I’m not work alone.

A great team accompanies me and supports me in all weddings.

 Discover how to have your wedding without stress, living thousands of miles away.



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